Wound Care Clinics and Ostomy Nurses

OAGO does not offer medical advice. If you are having a medical problem always call your physician or surgeon first!

The majority of stoma-related issues are taken care of by specialized ostomy nurses or wound care clinics. Generally, if a patient has an issue of concern, within for the first six months of surgery, he or she should try to make an appointment at the clinic associated with the hospital that treated them. Most stoma clinics and nurses will still require a doctor’s referral.  We are extremely fortunate to have not one, but two ostomy/wound care clinics in the Orlando Area. We also have a mobile unit that is tremendously helpful for elderly, bedridden, or wheelchair-bound patients. Their primary phone numbers are listed below.

Florida Hospital (South)
Outpatient Ostomy Clinic

601 East Rollins Street
Orlando, Florida 32803


Orlando Health Wound Center
/Ostomy Clinic

55 West Gore Street
Orlando 32806


Central Florida Wound
and Skin Consultants

  (Mobile Unit)