Ostomy Clothing and Accessories

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Ostomy Clothing

There are all sorts of wonderful products out there that allow you to add a little fun and fashion to your wardrobe. Most people learn to make minor changes to their personal style (untucked shirts, yoked tops, etc.) and still wear their normal clothes. But, there are many products such as stealth belts, pouch covers, even intimate lingerie with pockets, that let you add a little extra personal flair. Some examples include:

C&S Pouch Covers
Ostomy Secrets

Hernia Belts and
Stoma Guards

A large number of ostomates develop hernias (actually all stomas are hernias!) that may require a little extra support for comfort. You can purchase special ostomy hernia belts from a number of different companies. If you are a physical contact athlete, have toddlers who tend to kick, or pets that tend to jump, you can also find some extra protection with a stoma guard.  

Stoma Guard
Stealth Belt

Odor Control, Hydration, Etc.

There are many items that help with odor control, bag changes, etc. Here are just a few...
New products are being developed all the time!

Na'Scent   (Excellet odor control)
Stoma Genie (Less messy bag changing) 
H2Ors (oral hydration)