Although your surgeon will meet with you for a follow-up appointment, he or she will often refer you to a specialized wound care or ostomy nurse - someone who specializes in the care of stomas. WOCN (wound, ostomy, and continence nurses) refers to both wound care nurses and ostomy nurses. The letters in the nurse’s title are important and reflect the nature of their training as well as their particular skills.

WOCNs have had extensive supplemental training in ostomy care and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Most insurance will provide for in-home visits immediately after surgery. However, if a problem develops later on, you can always ask your doctor to write a prescription for a visit to a wound care clinic (usually associated with the hospital where you had your surgery) or you can try to find a WOCN who works independently. Independent WOCNs may do home visits and their fees may vary upon distance travelled or ability to pay.

For basic questions, most major manufacturers also have W.O.C.N.s on staff, so you can call in, for free. In this age of cell phones, it is also helpful to take a picture if you are having an issue. You can place these photos in your “hidden” file in your phone settings, so you don’t accidentally share them with your friends while showing off pictures of your grandchildren! 

Outpatient Ostomy Clinic


Orlando Health Wound Center


Central Florida Wound/Skin Clinic


Mobile Unit

Florida Hospital (South) Outpatient Ostomy Clinic


Private WOCNs 

We are currently compiling a list of private wound care and ostomy nurses.